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Timothy Taylor  Brewery

It all started in 1858 when Bingley born Timothy Taylor opened a brewery in Cook Lane, Keighley, with partners James Shackleton and John Naylor whom he later bought out. Brewing was transferred to the Knowle Spring site in 1863. The beers today are brewed  as they were in 1858 and their brewers eyes, ears, and nose haven’t been replaced by computers. Any one of their 5 Heriot-Watt qualified brewers sill ‘mash in’ the traditional way. Core brands of beers are  Landlord (4.3%), Boltmaker (4.0%) Golden Best (3.5%) Ram Tam (4.3%) & Dark Mild (3.5%) in cask then obviously Bottled Landlord (4.1%) Timothy Taylor’s Landlord is possibly one of most well known beers from Yorkshire and has been around since the year dot,

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