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Haworth Steam Brewery

Andy Gascoigne, 49, has launched the Haworth Steam Brewing Company after more than a decade owning pubs and running small breweries. Andy Gascoigne started his brewing career at the Waggon & Horses up on the moors south of nearby Oxenhope before founding the Oyster Brewery located in the beautiful and historic village of Ellenabeich, Easdale, approximately 16 miles south of Oban on the West Coast of Argyll.

Haworth Steam Brewery is named after which the bar is named, is actually located in Cleckheaton is a simple wood-panelled bar/bistro opening straight off the cobbled main street in Haworth.

The Haworth Steam Brewing Company is one of the smallest, independent micro-breweries in the country producing high quality real ales. Small batch, handcrafted gins are also incorporated into their popular cocktail menu. At the the  bistro you can get good quality food from their unique kopa grill, all homemade by the proprietors themselves. Home to the Haworth gin range and more recently Miss Mollies sweet shop range where all are complimented by their Yorkshires tonic waters. 

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