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Salts Mill and Saltaire is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must visit if you are visiting the region.

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Things to do in Saltaire

Historically, culturally and geographically rich and diverse

Unsure of what to do during your week/weekend? There are endless experiences to be had. If you fancy something delicious to eat, why not visit one of the highly rated restaurants, pubs and takeaways? The vast selection of pubs and cocktail bars will make you feel welcome and inspired, whilst the excellent shopping destinations will have you shop until you drop.

Places to eat & drink in Saltaire

There are many places to dine in Saltaire to satisfy any craving!

Saltaire is a culinary delight offering a wide and diverse mix of places to eat and drink. You’ll find everything from cosy coffee shops, bakeries, farmers markets and delicatessens to international restaurants and award-winning fine dining. From traditional pubs and renowned local breweries, to classy evening venues and cool cocktail bars.

Where to stay

There’s many reasons to stay over night

You will see the true characteristic of the village. Meet the people that live there and hear the stories they tell. 

It is also an ideal base to explore the other fantastic towns and villages on Saltaire;s doorstep.

Upcoming events in Saltaire

Dragon boat Festival, Music Festivals and car Shows… Just to name a few!

Upcoming Events. Check Out What's Happening in the Village!

Save the date for these top upcoming events in Saltaire. From food to family-fun events and dragon boat races,

Images of Saltaire village

Dragon boat Festival, Music Festivals and car Shows… Just to name a few!

Take a look at some of the wonderful pictures of Saltaire village. Candid photo;s of the complete and well-preserved industrial village.




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