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Salamander Brewing Company

Situated just off Dudley Hill roundabout a couple of miles east of the Bradford city centre, this former pie factory, with cold rooms and concrete floors, is ideal for a small brewery. The brewing plant was constructed using many items of dairy equipment which provides very high quality stainless steel vessels designed to be kept scrupulously clean. .Founded in 1999, 2 award winning regular beers, supplemented with regular novel brews with eye-catching point of sale pump clip designs. Range includes Golden Salamander, citrussy and hoppy with an ABV of 4.5% and Mudpuppy (4.2%), a bittersweet copper-coloured ale, make up the core range together with Salamander Stout, but the guys at Salamander have made hundreds of different beers over the years.  The names of the beers are inspired by idioms and catchphrases, eg Jaywalker, Bete Noir and Bounder and the pump clip designs are a playful twist on these word.

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