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Princes Gate Lister Park

Prince of Wales Gate 

Lister Park Bradford

,These elaborate and exquisite wrought iron neo-Baroque style gates were erected in 1904 and are Grade II Listed.  Designed by JW Simpson and EJM Allen.


 Neo-Baroque used to describe architecture and architectural sculptures which display important aspects of Baroque style, but are not of the original Baroque period. Baroque and Rococo were the periods of history with the most ornate wrought iron

 neo-Baroque style gates

On top of the gates are a coat of arms when Bradford was a town rather than a city. Although Bradford became a city in 1897 it was not  granted a City Coat of Arms until 3 years after the gates were erected. 

The bugles recall the ancient and annual custom of blowing the horn and holding a dog on St. Martin's day in the forenoon, in the Market Place at Bradford. This commemorates part of the service which John Northrop of Manningham owed to John of Gaunt for his lands. 

There is normally a boars head on top of the shield but this was replaced with a crown in honour of the  Prince and Princess of Wales (the future King George V and Queen Mary)to commemorate the opening of the Bradford Exhibition in 1904.

Princes Gate Bradford Town crest

At the top of the left stone pillar is a carving of the Lister family crest and motto. 

The stag's head erased on the left represents the coat of arms from the Lister's family arms and the hunting dog on the right represents Cunliffe's family arms 

The motto is Retinens Vestigia Famae (Following In The Footsteps Of Our Fame)

Baron Masham princes gates
Princes Gate iron works

When the gates were first erected there would have been gas lights at the top of the iron pillars

Victorian gates iron pillar
View of cartright hall through gates
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