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mughal garden Lister Park Bradford UK
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Mughal Garden

A former car park in the park was turned into North of England’s first Mughal garden.

With help of a £4m grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund in 1997 Bradford Council created their interpretation of a traditional Mughal garden.

Mughal garden Bradford UK

Evolution of the charbagh four square garden 

Charbagh or Chahar Bagh (Persian: چھار باغ‎ chahār bāgh, Hindi: चारबाग़ chārbāgh, Urdu: چار باغ‎ chār bāgh, meaning "four gardens") is a Persian and Indo-Persian quadrilateral garden layout based on the four gardens of Paradise mentioned in the Qur'an. The quadrilateral garden is divided by walkways or flowing water into four smaller parts.They are found in countries throughout Western Asia and South Asia, including Iran and India.

The Mughals in 17th and 18th century India built gardens in which flowers, fruit trees, water and shade were arranged in a unified composition  (Charbagh). The most famous examples are  the Taj Mahal gardens in Agra and the Shalimar Garden of Kashmir.

Charbagh garden Bradford UK

Unlike English gardens, which are often designed for walking, Islamic gardens are intended for rest, reflection, and contemplation

Mmughal garden Lister park

The orderly, geometric layout of the canals and the flat, planar quality of the garden are traditional features of Mughal gardens. A  Mughal garden layout is meant to be appreciated from a distance, from pavilions, rather than expressed through walkways or paths through it. Here it can be viewed from the top terrace.

Cartwright hall Mughal garden
Mughal garden water feature
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