Samuel Cunliffe Lister statue
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Statue of Samuel Cunliffe Lister

Standing at the fork of two promenades stands a statue of Samuel Cunliffe Lister. 

The people of Bradford commissioned  Matthew Noble  to create a statue out of a block of white Sicilian marble which was unveiled on Saturday 15 May 1875

Junction Samuel Cunliffe Lister

The statue is Grade II listed and stands on a granite base with apsidal ends. Inset are bronze reliefs depicting Arkwright's weaving loom, wool combing machinery etc.

Samuel Cunliffe Lister  statue
Samuel Cunliffe Lister relief carving
Samuel  Lister woolcombing palque
Bringing in the wool, a panel on a monument to Samuel Cunliffe
woman using gilling machine
Samuel Cunliffe Lister wool sorting palque
Samuel Lister Noble Comb plaque
 Woman operating a tappet loom; Bronze plaque




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