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Santa arrives in Bradford this weekend for annual reindeer parade 2019

santa reindeer parade Bradford 2019

To mark the start of the Christmas season Santa was due to arrive with his real life Reindeer Parade. November 17th 2019

With Santa travelling all way from the North Pole to see us in Bradford it seemed only right that we were there to green him.

We arrived 30 minutes before he was due to appear and got a position outside the Kirkgate Shopping Centre on Kirkgate. It was raining hard but the crowds continued to gather standing in doorways or huddled under large umbrellas. After about 15 minutes the rain eased off and a shadowy figure appeared from the car park below the Kirkgate shopping Centre Bradford. It was Rudolf.

Rudolph reindeer parade Bradford 2019

Following hot on his heals was a penguin who cheered up the soggy crowd. The penguin and Rudolph entertained the by now large crowd with a meet and greet, stopping for selfies high fiving the kids.

Penguin Reindeer parade Bradford 2019

The annual reindeer parade would involve six reindeer, including two baby reindeer, pulling the sleigh. The reindeer would Santa's sleigh through the city centre starting at 10am outside the Kirkgate Shopping Centre on Kirkgate

Without delay at 10am the West Yorkshire Fire Brigade Band who were to lead the parade emerged from the car park

West Yorkshire fire brigade band

The West Yorkshire Fire Brigade Band were to lead the parade from Kirkgate, along Sunbridge Road to City park, up Bank Street back to Kirkgate. Centre where Santa would take up residence in his free grotto until Christmas Eve.

The reindeer would be in their pen on Kirkgate for about an hour after the parade finishes.

Following on the heals of the band was a Christmas themed Cinderella carriage pulled by two white horses.

Cinderella carriage parade 2019

Another horse drawn carriage this time pulled by two black horses emerged up the tunnel shortly after.

Now for the main event, the reason we were all here SANTA.

From beneath the Kirkgate shopping centre Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa appeared in his sleigh pulled by his reindeer.

The reindeer themselves are the only free ranging herd reindeer in Britain and travelled all the way down from Caringorms in Scotland to be in the parade.

There were a few protesters against the use of of live animals in parades but they also want guide dogs and pet ownership banned so I guess we all have our own opinion of what we see as cruelty. to animals.

Anyway the parade continued along Kirkgate and down Sunbridge Road where we caught up with them again.

We noticed Rudolph and the penguin had managed to keep out of the rain with a ride in the Cinderella carriage.

Turning right the Reindeer parade 2019 entered Centenary Square passing Nandos, Wetherspoons and Starbucks and proceeded to march around the Mirror pool.

Reindeer parade city park Bradford 2019

Santa Claus passes City Hall Bradford 2019

Passing City Hall the parade made its way to Bank Street and back to its original starting place in Kirkgate.

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