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Getting Around Bradford

When you reach Bradford you'll have no trouble getting around the city.


Everyone has their own way of getting and around Bradford.

By Foot

The central area of Bradford is easily traversable on foot. From the main rail Interchange station, you will be able to take in the Mirror pool , the Science & media museum , both shopping centres, Waterstones, Little Germany most (but not all so check) hotels, pubs and restaurants without needing more than shoe leather.

By Bicycle

Cycling can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to get around Bradford. The local authority has published a cycle map which show a network of routes recommended for cycling, consisting of a number of signed routes, quiet roads, traffic calmed areas and traffic free paths.  In practice, if you are a reasonably confident cyclist you can comfortably use most of the roads in Bradford. 

By Bus

First in Bradford is the main operator of local bus services in Bradford along with Keighley & District Travel who offer services within the Keighley area. 

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