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Bradford district woodland pictures

Bradford district woodland photos

Bradford district woodland picture gallery

Bradford district Woodland pictures

Buck woods

The wood contains a mixture of habitats, with areas of both broad-leaved woodland and mixed deciduous/coniferous plantations.


Hirst Wood

Hirst Wood is an ancient wood of birch, beech and oak growing on a bank of glacial moraine.


Wibsey park

This park is a gem steeped in Bradford history. It has a lovely little lake, a nature walk and numerous sports pitches.


Judy woods

Judy Woods is a complex of woodlands in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. Individual woodlands in the complex include Jagger Park Wood, Royds Hall Great Wood, Old Hanna Wood and Low Wood

Judy woods.jpg

Devonshire park

Devonshire Park, Keighley first opened on September 4th 1888. The park became a conservation area in 1990.

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