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Can I use any of the pictures on the Discover Bradford website ?

Introduction: Use of content on


All the images on our website are copyrighted © 2019  Stephen Mills  © 2019 by Discover Bradford 

This means you cannot copy or steal any of our images on  for your own personal or commercial use. 

Can I use it freely if it’s in Google images?

No. Just because it is available online (Google images or elsewhere) does not mean you have a licence to download and use it in any way.

Is crediting a photographer enough?

No – this is a common misconception.

Sometimes however you will need to credit the photographer even if you have paid a licence fee (due to his or her moral rights), but in any event this is not sufficient to allow you to use the image without a licence.

How do you know I have used your mages?

Our  online service providers allows us add all our pictures to a database then use an algorithm to find any instances of online use of these images, no matter how trivial or discrete.

Once this unauthorised use has been identified, a legal letter demanding a licence fee and damages will be sent. 

Unauthorised use of our images will be invoiced at £150 per image  This is to reflect the labour and use of equipment it took to take the photograph.

If we need to instruct solicitors to recover damages then then fees would be considerably increased. 

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