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The Cake’ole Bradford tea room with a twist

Cake 'Ole
Cake 'Ole Bradford

Cake’ole is a quirky establishment decorated in the same bizarre style as its outlets in Skipton and Keighley, like a Mad Hatter's tearoom.

The tearoom recently took over the pavilion in City park Bradford West Yorkshire. I thought It would be nice to take the grandchildren 8 and 7 for afternoon tea.

Mad hatter themed tea room Bradford
Mad hatter themed tea room Bradford

The sky is the motto selling this unusual tea room experience. “No matter what the weather outside there is always a blue sky and a smile at The Cake ‘Ole,” and you cannot help but smile when you walk into this establishment.

Cake ole cakes
Cake ole cakes

Your eyes are immediately drawn to the cakes to the multi coloured cabinet as you make your way over to the counter. The wispa particularly took my eye.

cake ole Bradford

We were greeted by very friendly staff who took the time to speak to the children. They explained there were a number of Toy story toys hidden throughout the cafe and their task should they accept it was to find them all. They didn't need telling twice, off they went on a toy hunt.

cake ole interior
cake ole interior

cake ole Rainbow cake
cake ole Rainbow cake

Their main menu is lengthy and includes sandwiches, paninis, breakfasts and a delicious array of sodas and twisted milkshakes. Each day, their impressive cabinet displays a different selection of magnificent cakes which are just as pleasing on the eye as they are on the palate

I opted to go for the rainbow cake.

The cake stands eight inches high and has six layers

The children both wanted sundaes.

I had to call the children back as they were on their second hunt looking for all the hidden animals.


View from Cake ole
View from Cake ole

We had a nice table view that looked out over the pond in city park towards Bradford city hall. Sadly the fountains were not working on this day.

Cake ole Bradford LED lights

As inviting as the chocolate sundaes looked the children seemed a little more interested in finding as many fairy doors as they could scattered around the cafe.

Over in the corner was a shed with an interactive worry plaque fixed to it. The plaque glows red when you place your hand on it and think of your worry. When the fairies have heard it, the plaque glows green, your worries are with the fairies

nice touch !

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