Visit Billy Bob's: Banging Barn

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Billy Bobs Ice cream parlor
Billy Bobs Ice cream parlor

It was a cold and wet February day when we visited Billy Bob's: America Ice cream Parlour - Diner - Play centre. The grandchildren were driving us crazy stuck indoors due to bad weather, they needed to let of steam. Billy Bobs is always good for stress relief.

The Yorkshire Dales is famous for outstanding scenery, unspoilt countryside, diverse wildlife habitats, and a rich cultural heritage but one thing you don't expect is a 1950's diner that looks like Arnold’s from “Happy Days” set in Milwaukee

Billy Bobs is located between Skipton and Bolton Abbey. Here is a hand link to Google maps

The American diner- Ice cream parlour - play barn is based on the Duke of Devonshire estate which comprises of 30,000 acres of moorland, woodland and agricultural land.

The farm itself is 120 acres in size and home to a charolais pedigree cattle herd and a flock of mule sheep.

Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream
Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream

In 2004 it became the home to the Yorkshire Dales Ice cream factory sold Ice cream at agricultural shows and a number of supermarkets around the country. Although it is a working farm they do not have their own dairy herd. The milk is sourced from local farms,

It recently built an American diner, Ice cream parlour and play barn.

There are indoor and outdoor play areas. The outdoor area is free with wooden structures to climb slides and plenty of space to run, suitable for a range of ages.

The indoor area is a covered barn with hay bales, slides and rope swing. It’s £2 per child and play’s limited to two hours. During busy times only the children of guests who have booked a table to dine in the restaurant are allowed to use the indoor play facilities. There are two areas: one for under sevens and one for over sevens although you will find all age groups in both.

There is a small kiosk to buy a warm drink should you need one

After managing to drag the grandchildren away from the play barn we headed over to the diner.

We had booked a booth, the yellow school bus was fully booked. .

The diner is set out for different areas.

Ice cream flavours

Billy Bobs Ice Cream parlour serves all your traditional flavours like Vanilla and Mint Choc Chip or pick from high-falutin’ flavours like Key Lime Pie, Rainbow Sherbet or Cotton Candy; there’s near about 30 or so on offer.

You can also get waffles & American pancakes made fresh to order,