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Photo Gallery of a 1940s event in Haworth

Tartan trews
What's buzzin', cousin?
Haworth home guard
Sitting with pride
Land army
Keep on trucking
Idle chatter
40s in style
Two's company
Time for tea
Afternoon tea
English tea
Mothers meeting
Dog tired
Taking the lead
Family time
Hand in hand
40s choir
Smart couple
Fashion on rations
Pipe dream
Haworth 1940s couple
Street fashion
Out shopping
Haworth revival
Airborne Division
You looking at me ?
Fashion parade
Ready for action
Standing on the corner
Carrying the basket
Checking papers
Military chaplain
Carrying the basket
Taking baby for walk
Time for  tea
Event stalls
The train has just arrived
All aboard
Couple out shopping
Sitting pretty
The Fleece In with bunting
2 Ladies dressed 1940s
ww2 spiv
The black bull
Lean times
Village at war
Home guard on parade
Ladies day out
Lady dressed in 1940
1940s couple
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