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Buck Woods

You will find Buck Woods in Thackley West Yorkshire. BD10 0TL


Route 612 and 613, between Bradford and Shipley via Five Lane Ends, Thackley, and Windhill, stops at Thackley Corner frequently, going in either direction. Route 760 Between Keighley and Leeds via Shipley, Thackley, and Greengates, stops at Thackley every half hour.

Buck Woods is part of a woodland corridor stretching along the Aire Valley.  It covers about 100 acres and forms a broad semi-circular zone of woodland, interspersed with small long-established fields. The area is divided into 2 distinct parts. The top part of the wood is fairly flat with an access for all path. From here you walk down a steep slope to the lower part of the wood which adjoins the canal and river valley. 

The wood contains a mixture of habitats, with areas of both broad-leaved woodland and mixed deciduous/coniferous plantations. It has patches of marshland created by the many springs occurring throughout the Woo

Buck woods walks 

Buck woods map

Buck woods stones

Buck woods Ecological Survey

A Breath of Ancient Aire

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