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Best Restaurants in Bradford according

 to Trip Advisor

Bhajis n Beer 1.jpg

Based on 197 reviews Bhajis n Beer was rated #10 of 616 Restaurants in Bradford.

The menu is small, but what they do they do well! You can choose how hot you want your dish too which means you can try something different and have it tailored to suit you


Bab Tooma 1.jpg


Bab Tooma 

Based on 316 reviews Bab Tooma was rated #9 of 616 Restaurants in Bradford.

The warmest of welcomes can be found at Bab Tooma which is followed by the most delicious Arabic food.


Bangkok Thai.jpg


Bangkok Thai

Based on 413 reviews Bangkok Thai was rated #8 of 616 Restaurants in Bradford.

Good Thai cuisine is rich in fresh ingredients and high fibre vegetables and mostly cooked over intense heat for a short time so as to retain much of their original flavour and nutriments.


Waterside Bistro & Bar.jpg


Waterside Bistro & Bar

Based on 564 reviews Waterside Bistro was rated #7 of 616 Restaurants in Bradford.

Waterside Restaurant and Bar is Shipley's secret retaurant.In its idyllic location, the restaurant offers a range of British dishes to suit every taste and appetite


Krave Deli.jpg


Krave Delicatessen

Based on 225 reviews Krave delicatessen was rated #6 of 616 Restaurants in Bradford.

Good soup · Delicious pastries · Great breakfast · Best coffee · Popular with locals · Tasty breakfast sandwiches · Delicious sandwiches · Healthy salads · Loyalty card


Barista Making Coffee


Christophe's Coffee House

Based on 195 reviews Christophes coffee house was rated #5 of 616 Restaurants in Bradford.

The menu is a mix of good english breakfast, continental salads and sandwiches with a few French favourites such as Croque Monsieur for good measure. There are also a choice of homemade burgers, including the original moroccan spiced lamb and halloumi burger


Emily's The Bronte Birthplace 1.jpg



Based on 269 reviews Emily's house was rated #4 of 616 Restaurants in Bradford.

Emily's - The Dining Room is a leader in producing flavoursome locally sourced and imported fine foods, perfectly executed artisanal coffee, and as a whole creating the perfect ambiance during your visit that will excite both the coffee aficionado and first timer alike.


Towngate fisheries.jpg

Based on 269 reviews Towngate Fisheries was rated #3 of 616 Restaurants in Bradford.

The best fish and chips in Bradford. Perfect fish and chips every time. The fish is always succulent and cooked to perfection the batter is crisp and tasty. Ask for a loyalty card and get a discount next time


my thai.jpg


My Thai 

Based on 608 reviews My Thai was rated #2 of 616 Restaurants in Bradford.

Authentic Thai cooking by Thai chefs, lounge for pre dinner drinks, great atmosphere, all dishes are freshly prepared, using locally sourced fresh ingredients. All Thai herbs imported from Thailand. Free range eggs. Friendly and welcoming team to great you.


Classic Persian Restaurant.jpg


Classic Persian 

Based on 861 reviews Classic Persian was rated #1of 616 Restaurants in Bradford.

Iranian or Persian cuisine (Persian: آشپزی ایرانی‎) is the traditional and modern style of cooking in Iran (formerly known as Persia). 

Typical Persian main dishes are combinations of rice with meat, such as lamb, chicken, or fish, and vegetables such as onions, various herbs, and nuts

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